Wim Henderickx clarinet quintet

Saturday the 2nd of April, I will play the Wim Henderickx clarinet quintet with string quartet Scalda.

The quintet has been written in 1990 by order of the Ensemble Eugène Ysaÿe (now Spiegel String Quartet). In 2007 it was orchestrated for the Charlemagne Orchestra.

The composition is built on the free use of the technique of the 12 sounds (total chromaticism). The first part – “Furioso” – has an almost obsessive rhythm, which develops gradually into melodic phrases. After the second movement – “Misterioso” –  the ‘COMODO’ begins from a “pizzicato” mechanical second violin, followed by some “arabesques” melody by the clarinet. The movement ends with a cadence for the clarinet, which evolves in the lower register and which gradually disintegrates. The last part – ‘Deciso ‘- gets a big climax, which consists of passages of unison and suddenly ends in a mysterious coda, in which the percussive effects for strings and multifonics for the clarinet create a very surprising final.

Wonderful work and very demanding, but I’m looking forward to it!